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Huyen Vu

Functional Health Consultant, Certified Physician Assistant, Founder and CEO of InCharge Functional Health Consulting


Meet Huyen!

Hi there, welcome to InCharge Functional Health Consulting! I'm so excited to share my story with you.
My Journey:
I began my journey as a physician assistant entrenched in the world of conventional medicine. I witnessed countless patients being shuttled from doctor to doctor, addressing symptoms without uncovering the underlying root causes of their concerns. This pattern of "treating the tip of the iceberg" rather than delving into the core issues left both my patients and me deeply frustrated.
This frustration wasn't just something I observed—it became personal. After giving birth to my children, I found myself wrestling with an extra 20 pounds that seemed determined to stick around. No matter how many different diets I tried or how diligently I exercised, those pounds stayed put. Then I developed my first migraine and just felt tired all the time. Meanwhile, my HbA1C reading hovered at 5.8, a figure dismissed as "slightly elevated." Similar challenges arose when my husband received a diagnosis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and high cholesterol in his early 30s.  Our PCP advice? Keep an eye on it and stay the course. Yet, within six years, he developed insulin resistance and artery plaque. How did this rapid deterioration occur?
Driven by a desire to truly make a difference, I embarked on a journey to learn functional medicine at the School of Applied Functional Medicine. By implementing significant lifestyle shifts and targeted natural supplements to address nutrition deficiency, I was able to shed the post-baby weight and bring my HbA1C down to 5, kissing migraine and fatigue goodbye, and experiencing newfound vitality.
In tandem, my husband's HgbA1C dropped to 5.2, and he was on the path to halting the progression of fatty liver and artery plaque. If I knew then what I know now, I could have stopped those problems in their tracks. 
And thus, I stand on a mission—a mission to ensure that you never have to face the challenges we did. Together, let's  rewrite the narrative of health, putting you in the driver's seat to reclaim control over your well-being.
What I Believe:
My belief is pretty simple: health isn't just about feeling okay, it's about living vibrantly. Through personalized strategies and getting to the bottom of what's really going on, we can achieve lasting wellness. I'm here to be your guide on this journey.
Real Life, Real Me:
When I'm not digging into health, I'm a mom of two energetic kids. I totally get the struggle of trying to juggle everything. That's why I've figured out a formula for success, developed through trial and error, to ensure practical health solutions that you can apply immediately. You might catch me out for a jog or walk in nature, burying my head in self-help books, or just grooving to some good tunes.


What I Do:

I'm not here to talk at you—I'm here to listen and understand where you're coming from. My goal is to help you put your health puzzles together, give you the information you need, empower and inspire you to take control of your health. Let's break down complex stuff into easy-to-grasp ideas. I'm not replacing doctors, but I'm your partner in navigating the whole health landscape.

Thanks for Being Here!

Before we dive in, I want to say a big thank you. Thank you for considering InCharge Functional Health Consulting. This journey is about you, and I'm honored to be part of it. By taking this step towards better health, you're making a real difference in your life.
Let's walk this path together—towards health, vibrancy, and a life that's not weighed down by health issues. Can't wait to get started!
Let's get started!